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Climate action is what is needed. Whether one denies or fails to act, the result is essentially the same – no action. I want to focus on one reason for inaction. Blaming. It’s easy to do. I try to catch myself, but I still do it sometimes. How about you? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought: “things would be better if only…”. For example, things would be better if only the government would act. Or, things would be better if only those big bad in new skis would change their dirty practices. Or how about the young people, who have a genuine grievance against my generation. You may hear them say: “you failed act, and now I must suffer”. Can you see the helplessness, and hopelessness, from this blaming. This is the victim mentality. Do you want to be a victim? I don’t want to be a victim. So, I try to avoid the blaming game.

Instead, the antidote to blaming is taking responsibility. I can act. I can make a difference. I refuse to be a victim. Say those three sentences aloud three times – every morning. Then act.

When it comes to climate change, it’s the cumulative effects that got us here. The greenhouse effect arises from the total greenhouse gas emissions of every person over the past two centuries or so minus what has been removed from the atmosphere into our plants, soil and oceans. So, I share a measure of responsibility for climate change. In fact, as a rich person, I disproportionately have contributed to climate change compared to those in the bottom half of the income curve. According to an Oxfam study most of you, like me, are rich people.

What can I do? You and I are in a climate crisis. The Chinese word for crisis is two words: danger and opportunity. Heed the danger but take hold of the opportunity. This book is packed full of smart climate moves; climate action you can take. Opportunities to make a difference. All the best!