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At a critical juncture post-2020 pandemic, it’s evident our systems were unprepared for such crises, highlighting the importance of managing organizational risks—strategic, operational, legal, credit, and market. The pandemic has shifted the competitive advantage towards businesses that quickly respond to global risks, including climate change, emphasizing the need for enhanced risk analysis. 

 Businesses are now tasked with integrating risk management and sustainability into their models to address legal, financial, and market pressures for resilience and competitiveness. This integration is crucial as environmental and social considerations become fundamental to business strategy in a climate-conscious world, transforming from optional enhancements to essential components for staying relevant. 

What are the actions we would take immediately to transform our world into a more resilient system? 

CARMS™, or the Climate Action and Resilience Management System, is a strategic program developed by Green Sky Sustainability. It serves as a blueprint for achieving climate action by providing a tangible and actionable plan. ISO standards focus on the “what,” CARMS™ goes a step further by outlining the “how,” offering a comprehensive approach to identify, implement, and manage emission reduction opportunities, climate adaptation strategies, and sustainability initiatives. CARMS™ acts as a powerful tool to guide organizations toward a sustainable and resilient future, offering top-tier greenhouse gas quantification, reporting, training, and support for a low-carbon economy.  

Join us as we explore the powerful insights within the pages of the book and the revolutionary impact of the CARMS™ launch on our journey toward sustainability.