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Welcome to Green Sky’s Verification Training Course!

Green Sky Sustainability has conducted hundreds of successful GHG verifications of various types globally over the past 15 years. We are sharing our insights to train people on how to conduct GHG verifications in a practical self-study format course at a nominal fee. The course will consist of three mandatory and a few optional parts.


Learn at your own pace

The mandatory parts are:

  1. Self-study materials: PowerPoint, Excel, video, and PDF documents – 10 hours of self-study, plus references (links) to many more hours of regulatory and other training-related information (about 10 – 20 hours). This will be the background information needed to conduct verifications in a particular jurisdiction (AB TIER aggregates being the first one as an example; like a case study).
  2. Case studies[1]: Based on real verification data – with commercial information removed – for participants to practice a verification.
  3. Exam[2]: Participants who wish to receive a Certificate of Completion from Green Sky will be given one hour to complete an online exam. The link will be provided six weeks after your registration date.


  1. Grading case study work[1]: We can provide feedback on one or more case studies for an additional fee.

[1] Four case studies are available. The first is included. Three other case studies are available which are more challenging and can be purchased for a nominal fee.

[2] Note: Green Sky is NOT an accredited training organization. The value of the training is only what participants perceive it to contain.


Program Outline

  1. TIER – Benchmark: This module will explain how the Facilities Specific Benchmarks are set for the aggregate facilities under TIER. 
  2. TIER – Compliance Report: This module will explain how Compliance Reports are set up for aggregate facilities under TIER. 
  3. TIER – Verification: This module will explain verification reporting standards for aggregates under TIER. 
  4. AQM: This module explains how the methodologies to quantify GHG emissions from aggregates are used under TIER.  
  5. Client Info Package: This module details what information is needed from clients in a checklist. 
  6. Petrinex: This module explains what Petrinex is and how to read raw Petrinex data. 
  7. Site Visit & Production Accountant Calls: This module explains how to organize for a site visit and how to conduct a Production Accountant interview. 
  8. Federal Fuel Exemption: This module explains how to read and apply Federal Fuel Exemption Certificates. 
  9. Schematic: This module explains how to follow schematics, plot plans and symbols. 
  10. AEP Form: This module explains what the content of the Facility Specific Benchmark application form and Compliance Report form is from a verification perspective. 
  11. Issues Logs: This module explains how to set up and close an Issues Log. 
  12. Report – General & Graphs: This module explains how to complete a report, including relevant graphs. 
  13. Aggregate Verification Procedure: This module is a case study of the desktop verification process of an aggregate facility’s Compliance Report.  
  14. Verification Body Market & Reporters Market: This module will be highly valuable for job seekers as it points to verification bodies and reporting entities in the GHG market. 



Graduates will be confident to approach prospective employers (validation and verification bodies (VVB), but also organizations involved in quantifying and reporting GHG verifications – consultants and reporting organizations). VVBs will save a considerable amount of time and effort in training. Some employers – not VVBs – might not even be able to provide this level of training in-house. 

Green Sky will potentially hire 2-4 of these graduates for the January to July 2023 verification season where the interns will be involved in 6+ verifications. These interns will reach a much higher level of competence to verify (still under supervision). Job opportunities will be enhanced for these interns. 



Description of what is included Price in CAD $
Self-study materials, exam, feedback on one case study and Certificate of Completion


$249.00 + GST
Feedback on extra case studies – if desired


$50.00 each + GST


Course Dates

  • October 20, 2022 – March 31, 2023



Registration is open until March 31, 2023. Self-study training materials will be provided upon receipt of payment (after January 3, 2023).