Smart Climate Moves


The global market is changing, and more ‘green’ requirements are coming. How do you manage them? What do ESG, TCFD, NZ, CN, and ISO mean? How do they help you? How will acting on the climate bring opportunities to your organization?

The planet is facing a climate crisis and in this decade people are facing the biggest transformation since the internet and smartphones – a Phase Change. How can your organization ensure its profits? This book describes strategies – smart climate moves – to address these challenges. Nelson Lee has gleaned these strategies over more than 40 years by applying proven tools in industries in developing and developed nations.

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What's Inside?

Smart Climate Moves brings together ancient and modern wisdom to help your organization:

  • Learn what is happening and why
  • Discover how the planet, people and profit are appropriately related
  • Make decisions to ease the climate crisis and thrive
  • Find where you are, where you might want to go and how you can get there
  • See what the future holds if you make smart climate moves
  • Learn about climate mitigation and its benefits
  • Enhance its competitiveness
  • Build your CARMS™ blueprint and use it to its fullest

Smart Climate Moves has a hopeful message. Bringing meaning to you and your organization is at its heart. It offers the opportunity for a bright future. It's easy to read and easy to apply.

About The Author

Nelson Lee, P.Eng., CC-P, founded Green Sky Sustainability Consulting Inc. ( in 2015 to empower organizations to solve the climate crisis through collective actions. His climate action services enhance the resilience and sustainability of organizations. He has conducted environment, health and safety compliance and certification audits and GHG verifications in most sectors globally, including in Fortune 50 companies. Nelson represents Canada’s interests in developing Climate Change and GHG Management standards for ISO. He is a Working Group Expert on the ISO 14064 series, ISO 14091, ISO 14097 and ISO 14068.

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