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ECCC GHG Reporting Program (GHGRP) – Facility GHG Data

This site gives you access to all kinds of information about GHG emissions in Canada collected by Environment and Climate Change Canada(ECCC). One link I like is the Summary of GHG Emissions by Facility. There is information about the facility and about their GHG emissions. Surprising how much detail there is.Visit Site

Summary of GHG Emissions by Facility – 2231 Canada, 267 BC

This site is where you can find those details bout the facility and about their GHG emissions for 2017 and 2016. You can search by province and apply filters to select your target facilities. You can download as well.Visit Site

GHG sources and sinks: executive summary 2020

This site provides you with the latest about GHG emissions across Canada and in the provinces.Visit Site


This is the home page of the BC Ministry of Climate Change Strategy. From here you can link to the full scope of their services.Visit Site

Climate Change

This is the Climate Change page of the BC Ministry of Climate Change Strategy. From here you can link to their incentive programs and what BC is doing for mitigation and adaptation.Visit Site

Local Governments ~200 municipalities

This page drills down to the Local Governments, Communities and Built Environments. There are 4 key initiatives and links to many tools and resources related to local governments.Visit Site

Provincial Inventory

This page drills down to the Public Sector Organizations and their climate action initiatives. You can find interesting reports and updates related to Carbon Neutral Governments.Visit Site

Carbon Neutral Action Reports 127 PSOs

This is the page to go to if you are interested in Carbon Neutral Governments.Visit Site

BC Climate Data and Information

This is the launch page to BC information about the province’s inventory, large emitters facility inventories and community inventories.Visit Site

BC Industry 191 reporters; 126>25kt

There is some great detailed information about the GHG emissions of the largest facilities in BC by year and by single facility or linear facility. You can access 8 years of data from 2010. I suspect 218 will be added before long.Visit Site

Climate Action Legislation

Here is where you can find most of the BC Climate action legislation, especially that is applicable to industry, including the Carbon Tax.Visit Site


This is the link to the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act (GGIRCA) that came into forces January 2016. 2-3 key regulations flow from this act that drive industry reporting of GHG emissions.Visit Site


This link brings you to the content of reporting regulation that requires facilities emitting >10kt CO2e to report their GHG emissions and those >25kt CO2e to verify them as well. The methodologies and timing are included.Visit Site


Currently, this regulation only applies to LNG facilities and there are only a few of these. This is the only regulation requiring industry to do something about their GHG emissions.Visit Site

Quantify Industrial GHG emissions

The details of how to quantify GHG emissions is provided at this link.Visit Site

Quantification Methods – WCI

The core requirements are in this PDF – the Final Essential Requirements of Mandatory Reporting using the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) methods for Canada.Visit Site

Emissions Offset Projects

This page is all about GHG emissions offset projects in BC. While most of the offsets have been purchased by BC Public Sector Organizations (PSOs), that is set to change with the federal Output Based Pricing System (OBPS) and related regulations. Stay tuned!Visit Site

BC Carbon Registry

This page takes you to the BC Carbon Registry. You can see the projects, project developers, the validation and verification bodies and more by logging in.Visit Site

CleanBC Program for Industry

One of BC’s incentive programs under the Clean BC plan. This program provided incentives for this year just by being a reporter (>10kt) – due to COVID-19. Look for the link to the CleanBC Industry Fund as well for further incentives.Visit Site

Verify Emissions

If you want to know about verification requirements under the Greenhouse Gas Emitters Reporting Regulation (GGERR), this is the link.Visit Site