Climate Change Mitigation

Climate change mitigation services help clients by working on emissions reduction opportunities. We aid clients in transforming thought out solutions into real-world implementation. We provide GHG quantification and reporting on behalf of clients, according to state-of-the art, jurisdictional, and other requirements, such as ISO standards. Our GHG offset project development and benefits analysis help to monetize efforts to mitigate GHG emissions. With third party validation, verification and agreed-upon services for reporting and offset projects, and training on a broad range of climate mitigation actions, we can ensure a smooth transition from thinking about sustainability, to really making a difference.

Climate Change Adaptation

By raising awareness of the need for climate adaptation and conducting preliminary climate change vulnerability or risk assessments for your organization, we can maintain achievable goals that work for both your business and for the environment together. Developing climate change adaptation plans for organizations means enhancing emergency preparedness and response plans to incorporate climate change impacts and offering effective and detailed training on these actions to ensure a smooth transition into a more environmentally conscious practice.

Transitioning To A Low Carbon Economy

Facilitating the more obvious – and not so obvious – options for transitioning to a low carbon economy means offering full support in the changes you want to make in your business for better sustainability. We offer solutions such as monetizing the benefits of recycling, resource recovery, energy efficiency and renewable energy. As always, we provide the very best in training and guidance in preparation for your transition, which allows for your company to continue running smoothly during your adaption to greener business practice.

Auditing, Training & Management System Development

Sustainability is vital, so we provide management systems audits, environment, health and safety compliance, and risk audits, including climate change risk assessments. We also offer management system development for sustainability, which ensures an in-depth plan for your brighter, greener future – with all the tools, training and support you’ll need to enjoy it.